Destiny servers go live Monday, Sept 8, at 12 noon GMT

[/img]Destiny’s servers will go live on Monday, September 8, at 12 noon GMT / 7am EDT / 4am PDT.

Anyone who gets hold of the game early – including press reviewing Bungie’s shooter – will be able to play. Whether retailers begin sending out the game ahead of its September 9 launch is another matter.

Expect Twitch, Twitter and other social channels to start going bonkers from that point onwards.

The press are free to post impressions, screens and streams of the game, although Activision has requested that all review scores are held off until Tuesday, 7:01am GMT.


too late robot, i already post it

Wait, so even if we pre-loaded the digital game we are out of luck? Last time I checked digital still said 9/9.

Does anybody know if Amazon ships early? I know in the past they’ve been in trouble for stuff like that, but I’m just curious if I might get it early

Check your shipping number. I remember buying a brush from amazon, and got it in 2 days, regular shipping.

No the carrier has a hold date until release. So even if they ship it a month early they will tell the carrier not to deliver until a specific date. Most of the time they just ship the day before and overnight it.

I’m in the UK and got confirmation my copy had been dispatched on Saturday but around 5pm. Tracking code says it’s at the national depot being sorted still. If your in UK then most likely you’ll receive on the 9th. Amazon got questioned when they shipped some GTA V copies one week early.

Yeah, it launches on 9/9…so you can play it on 9/9.

That’s stupid. Though, they got the copy early, they open up the servers so that they could play online. Buying the digital edition is just like having the copy, but they won’t let us get the full download. So basically, I have my copy.

For the digital you don’t get access until Microsoft gives you access since you pre-ordered through their store. If you’re in the U.S. this means Midnight PST or 3 AM EST

Sweet, i’ll get a copy from work tomorrow!

Thinking about waiting for this and millions hitting connect to servers near the release time is making me have flashbacks…swear imma have nightmares of this tonight