Destiny: Strange Coins?

Does anyone know how to farm strange coins, i’ve looked on YouTube but can’t find anything.

Weekly Heroic Strike. Don’t know if you can repeat.

I farm rare engrams, and I occasionally get strange coins from them.

You only earn the coins once.

I earn mine doing the rare engrams too and random events.

Oh yeah? I did the level 22 weekly strike, got 3 coins. Then afterwards I raised the difficulty to level 26, got 3 more coins. If you don’t believe me try it yourself.

That’s not farming though. You had to raise the difficulty to get 3 more coins and you can only raise it so far, that isn’t a very effective farming method lmfao.

Yeah I know it’s not very effective, that’s why I said it’s becomes less of a farming strategy and more or less torture. (I said this another thread that was similar)

How do you farm rare engrams?

Where do you find the weekly heroic strikes, and what are the strange coins used for?

When you are in Orbit and you go to choose your destination on the left hand side you should see the weekly heroic strike, unless you are a low level you might not see it? Also the strange coins are used as currency to buy exotic items from a merchant called Xur he is beside the Cruciable quater master

Thanks for the suggestions guys, but what’s the best way of farming engrams?

Got some money, I’ll tell you.

Lol, but the best way to farm engrams is by going to a spot where there are hordes of enemies right after the checkpoint. Take them out, then kill yourself. Repeat.

I use this method.

This is my summary from the run I just did

[details=Open Me]Time: 2 - 3 hours
Runs: 213 (roughly)
Kills: 2565 (roughly)

Legendary Engrams: 4 (Helmet, Gauntlets, Cloak, Primary Weapon
Rare Engrams: 11 (Chest x2, Cloak, Primary Weapon x2, Special Weapon, Heavy Weapon x4)
Strange Coin: 2 (After encrypting the engrams)
Mote of Light: 2 (After encrypting the engrams)

Helmet: 1 (Rare, after encrypting the engrams)
Gauntlets: 1 (Rare, after encrypting the engrams)
Chest: 2 (Rare, after encrypting the engrams)
Cloak: 2 (Rare, uncommon, after encrypting the engrams)
Primary Weapon: 2 (Rare, uncommon, after encrypting the engrams
Special Weapon: 1 (Rare, after encrypting the engrams)
Heavy Weapon: 3 (Rare, after encrypting the engrams)

So this is my second time farming for engrams, last time I got nothing. Once again I got nothing xD. Out of all the engrams I got I didn’t get any Legendary or Exotic items, all the items were also worse than my current items, I dismantled them all. To be honest I think these farming methods are a waste of time, the only good thing I see from farming the engrams is getting the exp when you encrypt them. The last 2 times I have leveled with the encrypter guy I have been given 1 exotic item each level (but neither were for my class so I dismantled them.)[/details]

Hopefully this doesn’t turn you off farming, it’s totally random anyway so if you did as much as I did you might get given all legendary/exotic. Good luck farming :smile:

It should be noted that Xur agent of nine is only available on weekends starting on Fridays.

He wasn’t there for me today. So maybe only there Friday and Saturday

I tried this method with my friends for about 30 mins didn’t get much, 2 blue engrams, and a 6 green.

Maybe I should try it for longer, it just gets so boring.

Yeah it does get pretty boring. Just play normally, level up your vanguard and crucible ranks, and you’ll eventually get good things. I was doing some patrol missions on mars to level up my vanguard and a legionary cabal dropped a legendary helmet engram. I decrypted it and I got a legendary helmet for the Titan (I’m a Warlock)

yea shows hes available for Friday and saturdays

I have been playing crucible and it gives you fairly good stuff once you are a high enough level. So if you are looking to farm for some good stuff then play some clash on the crucible.