Destiny Sub-Forum

Can we please get a Destiny sub forum to post in? There’s things being posted in all sorts of topics and it’s so cluttered.

I agree. So much destiny.

There really haven’t been enough post for another section to be added.

Really? There has probably been like 100 destiny threads so far with more to come. All you see in the Other Games sub forum is Destiny.

This is arguable.

Can it not replace the ‘Battlefield Series’ or ‘Gears of War Series’ topics? The last thread made in the battlefield topic was 4 weeks ago. If there is not space to a create a Destiny sub forum then I don’t see why it can’t replace something that doesn’t get used.

Atleast replace the elder scrolls series not many people play it since its been out for a while. Only people ive seen playing it are on pc and they usually use the mods

There are 62 destiny threads in the past 6 months. 10 a month doesn’t really need its own section and as soon as the new cod or BF comes out it will die down. Battlefield is continuing series so no it wont be removed and GOW is also I believe. No one said there is no space I just said I don’t see a reason to create a subform every time a game comes out.

A high majority of those posts will have been in the past 10 days or so as the games only been out for 7 days. Just thought it would clean the site up abit.