Destiny | Vault Of Glass | Need Players

Looking for some players to do the Vault of Glass raid with, currently have myself and another so we need 4 more players.
Our characters are level 27 Hunter and a level 26 Warlock.

Console: Xbox One
Headset: Must have
Age: Any (lmfao)
Class: Any
Level: (Edit) MUST BE 26 OR HIGHER. Bungie said there is no point going into the raid lower than level 26.
Time zone: GMT +10 (Australia, must be able to play on this time zone)

If you want to play please post in this thread with your gamtertag, PM me or you can message me on Xbox Live and let me know your interested, my gamertag is cansah

NOTE Once we get four more players we will organise a time that is convenient for all of us to play. We have also posted on another website looking for players.

Console: Xbox One
Headset: Yes
Age: 19
Class: Hunter
Level: Level 23 hoping to be 24 by tomorrow.
Time zone: Eastern

Gamertag: Chaotic Typhoon