Destiny Vault of Glass!

ATM we have two level 26 and 27 Hunters both Arc of Blade class, and one Warlock 26 with the Sunsinger class…

Feel free to PM me on Xbox if you are a 26+ Titan Defender and 26+ Warlock Sunsinger…

GT: Eligance

Any posts off-topic will be deleted.

Im 27 GT: PTFO or DIE

I’d love to help but I have yet to find ANY legendary gear for my characters, but if I do end up getting one Ill message you.

Hey sorry I couldn’t play before. Like I said, I’m not even a 26, I’m working on other stuff (bounties, and getting my Vanguard rank up) so I can’t play. Hope you didn’t take it the wrong way dude. Good luck with the vault.

Nahh man its all good :smile: we managed to get really far into it and took a break. I was told that our progress is saved to the fireteam leader.

Ah so that’s how it works, your fireteam leader just has to be leader again and load it up to continue. Sweet, thanks for the info!

Yeah I’m tryin to get my vanguard rank up to get another legendary armor piece so I can rank up my light to get to a 26. I didn’t make it in time to Xur before he disappeared to get the exotic helmet for the Hunter so I gotta wait til Friday and see what he has this time.