Destiny - Weekly Challenges

If anyone want’s to play later today just message me, I’ll be on after 3:00 EST.

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GT: You Thirsty

I am not on my 360 at the moment, but you can add me. My GT is UGA Phoenix Mk3

Not a problem Iv’e added you now.

Add me
GT: EvilDark007

Looking to do the Raid today if anyone is interested.

I’m interested, but it seems as if everyone I add that says they are doing the Raid never invite me even if though I’m a high level.

…I’ll eventually get the Raid complete. Lol

Been wanting to raid for awhile now, just can never get 5 other people who are ready to do it. Im a lvl 28 warlock. Ready to go whenever!

Same, I’ve added multiple people who have claimed they will be attempting the Raid over the weekend or whatever, but I never get an invite so I just continue about my business and wait.

Glad you posted as well because it reminded me to add you. Lol

Lmao, ive done the same thing!

I understand life takes presents over video games, but I’m the required level and all so I’d hope the reason isn’t because of that.

(ex: Being a Lvl. 25 and wanting to get carried during the Raid.)

I’m level 24 on my main character & need to do a level 26 one for some strange coins. So if anyone’s going to do this & has a spot open please invite me! I’m just looking to get it done as fast as possible. Won’t have my mic.

GT: PuertoRicanHell

To all those who want to attempt this with me tomorrow just send me a friend request, My tag is “You Thirsty”. I’ll be on at random times through out the day.

The last two times we’ve done the raid we’ve looked for you to send an invite, but you weren’t on

I got pretty far with some randoms but the Vault of glass have stumped us, We made it to the actual vault of glass after going through the gorgon labyrinth but got stumped when entering the darkness area.

My apologizes, Some things came up yesterday and I became a tiny bit busy but I’m free today for the part if anything Iv’e PM’d you some contact info.