Destiny (X1) Level 24 Vanguard Tiger Strike

Looking for two other people to play some level 24 strikes with. You must have a mic. But anyway just let me know if you want to play.

Gamertag: Guardian Azrael

Edit: I keep losing connection to sessions. So I don’t want to attempt these strikes until my connection fixes itself. I’ll update the post as soon as it does.

Hay add me im lvl 21 atm HOX x Typh00n ill get there soon and Ill be picking up a mic soon.

Okay I’ll add you, my connection keeps disconnecting me from the Destiny servers. So I want to wait until my connection gets out of the gutter. I’ll let you know as soon as it does.

Yea same for me but it rarely happens lol granted I moved my xbox one from upstairs to my downstairs huge tv lol.

Good games, Typh00n

But add me. I’m at work on lunch break.

Gamer tag: Ghostayonme