Destiny | Your Favorite Shader

Please post below your favorite shader in destiny.

-My favorite is God of War

Oh and if you have a picture please post as well.

Mine is thunderdevil. I got that from a reward.

I like ChatterWhite…

Just obtained beowulf in the crucible now.

I have the COD PRE-order shader the blacksmith shader i love that one havent seen any others i really like IMO but i seen some good ones i thought looked good and i also like the first shader the iron banner guy has also

God of War or Million Million from Iron Banner


Thunderdevil & chatterwhite. Thunderdevil looks so good on my raid gear.


For the ones that I’ve seen I’d have to go with the Thunderdevil or Chatterwhite, but the Blacksmith looks legit as well.

…did think the “God of War” looked legit, but after seeing a friend with it I just felt as if it was too much red. Lol

BlackSmith and ChatterWhite

God of War is my favorite that I have yet to acquire.