Destiny's Vault of Glass

If anyone would like to join our small group tonight on attempting the raid, we have a group of 3 with two warlocks and a titan. Level 23, 22, and I think 20. We all have mics, and we’ll be starting around 7 pm Central time. Probably won’t beat the raid lol but it’d be fun to give it a shot.
If you’re interested, just send a message to the Gamertags:

  • Izanami Rage
  • Izanagi God

Let either of us know that you’re joining from this site, and god speed everyone!

LOL at you trying to attempt a level 26 mission. Good luck but I think you’re going to die. A lot

Exactly what IHorney89 said.
Also, the first Fireteam to complete the Raid completed it after +10hrs. and were all high levels!

More Stats:

  • Total time: 10h43m30s
  • Kills: 5733
  • Precision Kills: 1388
  • Deaths: 1606
  • Successful Resurrections: 166
  • Avg K/D ratio: 3.59
  • Avg Lifespan: 2m22s

Lets get going, im a warlock lvl 25, time to die.

GT: Evildark007

I play in 360

you guys really need to state what console youre playing on

Good luck with that **** had 3 lvl 25s and 3 lvl 26s I was 25 doing fine with my defender titan class but everyone else was having issues and that was just at the vaults entrance!! After 2 hours of trying to get into the damn vault we gave up ****s crazy if youre not lvl 26 with GOOD gear don’t even attempt it unless youre team is full of defender titans.