[DetailedTut]Iso to Jtag rip + How to FTP

These are probably already here, but this is a tutorial I made a while ago. This is useful for people who just got their jtag and/or don’t know how to put games on their hard drive.

How to extract ISOs to make a jtag rip

First, you will need to download jDownloader from here

Second, make an account at Xbox360iso

Third, make an account at MegaUpload (optional)

Now. Open up jDownloader and go to Premium>Premium settings>add account, and enter in your information (It doesn’t have to be premium)

Next, make sure the clipboard monitor is on. It will look like this:

Go to xbox360iso and find the game you want. It should have anywhere from 5-60 links. You will want to use MegaUpload, if possible. All you have to do is highlight the links, and right click>copy. They should automatically appear in the linkgrabber tab of jDownloader.

Next, hit the play button in the top left corner. Your download will start. This will take a while.

When it’s all done, you should end up with a bunch of .rar files or just the iso and dvd.

Open up wx360 and go to file>open

Find the files you downloaded, and click the one that is the file type of x360 ISO.

You should know look like this:

Create a folder on your desktop. Name it whatever the game is called. (Ex: Dead Rising 2)

Now go to File>Extract all

Extract all to the folder you made. This will also take some time.

When it’s done, it is ready to be put onto your jtag’s hard drive, and can be played without a disc.

How to FTP

You will want to do this to put games onto your hard drive - Xport 360 will not work.

First, what you will need:
-Hard drive
-Read this tutorial

Now, you must have your jtag plugged into your router via ethernet cable for this to work. It can be banned, you just need it to be connected to your network.

Go to XeXMenu and navigate to the configuration panel. At the bottom you will see your IP address. Write this down or try to remember it.

Keep that panel open and get on your computer. Open up FileZilla. Go to File>Site Manager>New Site

Set it up like this:
Host: IP address
Port: None
Server Type: FTP
Logon Type: Account
User: xbox
Pass: xbox
Account: xbox

After you do this, you will see Hddx and Hdd1 here:

Open up Hdd1

This is your partition 3. If you don’t have a folder named “Games”, you need to make one now.

Now, from your computer, drag the folder with all of the extracted iso contents in it to the “Games” folder. This will take a while to transfer.

When it’s complete, you can exit out of FileZilla. Go to your jtag, scroll to the “Games” panel, press Y to refresh, and your game should appear, ready to play.

Great tutorial! Keep it up! I’ll need this when I win Biga’s JTAG contest :smiley:

And that had to be the most creative bump I’ve ever seen in my life. However, don’t bump threads!

I can’t wait to get my Jasper to actually use these tutorials. Great Tut. But a question occurs, why wouldn’t Xport work? Instead using a different extracter of which ive not heard of yet. Also, why not just port them to a disc, or simpily rent a game, iso it to your HDD? does it have some sort of thing that the Jtag can’t do to disable (even though thats practically improbable considering the Jtag bypasses all by definition)?

Xport 360 does not open .ISO’s, and sure, if you would rather pay for it, go ahead.

Good tut man, this will help out a lot of people…

Very nice guide, keep up the good work :smiley:

When I click xbox360iso.com, it says this link is broken.

The website is down from time to time.

The files are too large for Xport to handle, so the transfer gets an error about half way through. It’s easier just to ftp anyway. You can put them on a disc, but discs cost money, and are a pain in the butt. Same with renting. Most people with jtags just put games on their hard drive.

     When you say "Pay for it" do you mean the harddrive? So it is possible to just download it to the harddrive(directly)? Or disc it? Also, thank you! this will also help out. I thought the ISO's were just files (of course) and Xport360 supports drag and drop rate. So, by default, drag and drop to your destination. 

     Whatever, I'm not entirely sure what all I'm talking about. I haven't even gotten it yet so, in a month or so I will. I'm planning to use the jtag as a practice for when I get to college to go for a masters in Computer science like both my parents. Then I could move to the Canadian Jagex stations, or cambridge england and work there. My dream jobs are Jagex, Bungie, Activision, or Microsoft. The Jtag is the 14 year olds starter program for me. Who knows right? Maybe because of the Jtag I'll get into one of them.

Wish I had read this first, before submitting my last reply, but I understand all of that. except when you say “put games on their harddrive”. Do you mean just DL the game to it? like it suggests doing for reach? Where it would just disable the error of not having the disc in? Or do you mean like in the tutorial above. Either works for me. I’m just confused at the moment. Wont be long though.

You download the ISO on your computer, then extract the contents and put them on your hard drive to play directly off of that from XeXMenu. No need for a disc.

Thanks i have been looking for this! I have 4 games i have to do this to.

Thanks for posting this again


Does This Still Work? :anguished:

Yes FTP still works, it is a little slow though IMO

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