Deus Ex: Human Rev. Hex Edit Weapons, Ect

CREDITS GOES TO Kryno 696 and for the Weapon ID list.

First off you will need these programs.
2.Hex Workshop


  1. Extract your gamesave from your device on to your computer which you plan on modding using Xplorer360 or whatever you prefer (it will work best if your save point is after you have at least received your first weapon from David Seriff in the first mission because you’ll actually have something in your inventory)

*Making a backup copy of the save before you begin messing with it is always a good idea!

  1. This step is the KEY to getting this whole process right, so keep this number in a safe place because you will always use it (in most cases Hex Workshop will save quite a few of the most recent searches you’ve made using the “Find” option)

Press “Ctrl + F” or the binoculars icon at the top of the program to bring up the “Find” menu.
Then search for the HEX value 000000000000450500 (as shown below)

  1. You should have 1 or 2 instances found in your game save so make sure that you select the FIRST occurrence.

  1. You in-game inventory of everything you have will be listed below this number starting roughly 2-3 lines down. After you find your first item every other item following it will be 2 lines down from the one above it (this includes the ammo packs you have, weapons, viruses, health items, etc.)

.The Hex value you searched for is Highlighted in YELLOW and the 1st item in the inventory has the GREEN box around it.
.Lets look at the top sets of GREEN boxes first (this is how to mod your weapon)

  • the values inside the RED box on the left [1F 92 01] tell you WHAT the item is, and In this case it is an Unmodded Shotgun (see below).

  • the “01” in the middle simply says whether the item is turned Vertical/Horizontal in your inventory on the game. (01 = vertical/horizontal & 00 = the opposite and I’m not sure which)
  • the values on the right inside of the GREEN box [00 01] is the AMOUNT of that particular item. Since this is a weapon I recommend leaving this value at 1!

Then the line directly beneath an item is its STATS/or MODS. I say mods because I fill them all with “FF’s” and it’ll give that weapon full damage, reload speed, clip capacity, and a Silencer with a Laser Sight (Heavy Machine Guns & Plasma Rifles, you name it!!! Every gun will be able to simply shoot through doors rather than open them lol) EX.

  • All the values I’ve highlighted can be changed to “FF.”

  • These 6 bytes ALWAYS are arranged like the example above; so the first set of bytes begin directly below the 2nd bytes of the weapon and have 2 moddable values – skip 1 byte – then the next 4 consecutive bytes may be changed


  1. Modding AMMO is very similar but you only have one row to edit and all you need to do is mod the last two bytes of the item (ammo in this case) you found. (see below)

*The Ammo highlighted in the image are Tranquilizer Darts and I have changed the AMOUNT by writing “FF FF” instead of the value you have in the game. (equals 65,000+)

  1. REPLACING an item with another using HEX:
    From experience ONLY change AMMO to AMMO/HEALTH ITEMS/GRENADES etc. and WEAPONS to WEAPONS But you can try whatever you want and maybe it’ll work for you
    In this example I’ll swap out the Tranquilizer Darts for 65k Cyberboost Energy Jars
  • I find the Tranq Darts in my inventory list (again highlighted in YELLOW):

  • the value for the AMOUNT is already modded to the MAX with all F’s so all that’s needed is to look up the HEX value for the Cyberboost Energy Jars [C4 84 01] and replace the Darts’ value of [20 CE 01] — it should look like the following:


WEAPON IDS[details=Open Me]Item List ID’s for HEX Mods:

Pre Order DLC Items
00659e01 Silenced Sniper Rifle (unmodded)
00659d01 Double-Barrel Shotgun (unmodded)
00b35101 Remote Detonated Explosive Device
00B6FA01 Auto Hacker
00D8F701 Grenade Launcher Grenades
00D90301 Grenade Launcher unmodded

Grenade´s and Mine´s [Complete]
004BD301 EMP Grenade
004DF001 Gas Grenade
00036C01 Concussion Grenade
00036B01 Frag Grenade
00518701 Gas Mine
000FD701 Concussion Mine
00103401 Fragmentation Mine
004A6801 Mine Template

Hack Software [Complete]
001F0801 Nuke Virus Software
00205601 Stop! Worm Software

Upgrade Item´s [Complete]
0088F201 Burst Round System (Shotgun Upgrade Item)
00A0A201 Cooling System (Heavy Rifle, Plasma Rifle Upgrade Item)
001C2601 Armor-Piercing System (10mm Pistol Upgrade Item)
00BF9D01 Exploding Rounds Package (Revolver Upgrade Item)
004DEF01 Target-Leading System (Tranquilizer Rifle, Crossbow Upgrade Item)
00BBA301 Heat Targeting System (Rocket Launcher Upgrade Item)
009CC701 Silencer Upgrade (10mm Pistol, Machine Pistol, Combat Rifle Upgrade Item)
0051B801 Laser Targeting System (Sniper, Combat Rifle, 10mm Pistol, Machine Pistol Upgrade Item)
00BBA601 Target Seeking System (Combat Rifle, Machine Pistol)

Weaponstat´s Upgrade´s [Complete]
003D2101 Ammo Capacity Upgrade (Upgrade Item)
0063D201 Damage Upgrade (Upgrade Item)
0043AD01 Reload Speed Upgrade (Upgrade Item)
005D9C01 Rate of Fire Upgrade (Upgrade Item)

Drink´s [Complete]
00DD2001 Slum Dog
00DD2101 Shanghai Gut Punch
00DD2201 Golden Phoenix Sling
01033701 Beer
002A5601 Beer
0020B201 Beer
01176F01 Wine
00AD2501 Wine
00935001 Vodka
00D54401 Whiskey

Heal Item´s [Complete]
001F5101 Painkillers
00239C01 HypoStim
01061401 Spirits
001F3C01 CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar
001F3601 CyberBoost ProEnergy Pack
00C48401 CyberBoost ProEnergy Jar

Ammo [Complete]
004C2501 P.E.P.S. Energy Pack
004A4001 Typhoon Ammo
0020CE01 Tranquilizer Darts
00243A01 Combat Rifle Ammo
001F8A01 Shotgun Cartidges
00036A01 10mm Pistol Ammo
00457201 Machine Pistol Ammo
00836301 Plasma Capsules
0020C801 Stun Gun Darts
0047C901 Revolver Ammo
0024BD01 Sniper Rifle Ammo
003D9001 Rockets
001F8301 Crossbow Arrows
0048D201 Heavy Rifle Ammo
00836401 Laser Rifle Battery

Weapon´s [Complete]
0043B301 Stun Gun (no Upgrade available)
005D4F01 P.E.P.S. (no Upgrade available)
01065C01 Laser Rifle (no Upgrade available)
00036901 10mm Pistol (no Upgrades)
00125201 10mm Pistol (Upgraded)
00244101 Combat Rifle (no Upgrades)
00244001 Combat Rifle (Upgraded)
001F9201 Shotgun (no Upgrades)
001F9101 Shotgun (Upgraded)
00659C01 Tranquilizer Rifle (no Upgrades)
0085C701 Tranquilizer Rifle (Upgraded)
003D9701 Rocket Launcher (no Upgrades)
003D9601 Rocket Launcher (Upgraded)
004DF101 Revolver (no Upgrades)
00521F01 Revolver (Upgraded)
003D2901 Machine Pistol (no Upgrades)
003D2801 Machine Pistol (Upgraded)
00ABB601 Crossbow (no Upgrades)
00ABB501 Crossbow (Upgraded)
0084E401 Heavy Rifle (no Upgrades)
0084E301 Heavy Rifle (Upgraded)
00457901 Sniper Rifle ( no ID change)
00854F01 Plasma Rifle (no upgrade)

lol spelled Deus Ex wrong :stuck_out_tongue: again i take no credit for the findings of this

EDIT: screen shots should be working now

Worked for me! thanks man, now if i could just get all the praxis hacked! If any one try this at the beginning and can get a save with the praxis maxed out pm me please! Again Thanks man the edit works great!

Why do you need Horizon and Modio?

Nice post.

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You need to remove that modio of the list. Horizon is the only way to go. Pictures are also broken at the moment. If your using Gyazo it sucks, Use Speedcap. :smile:

okay sorry im able to see them so i didnt know they were broken, ill try to fix them soon and lol ill take modio off

you dont need both, its just whatever you feel more comfortable using but ill take modio off cause well its being ruined and isnt really that good of a rehasher anyways.

Is this your tut?

if you mean by was i the one who found how to do this then no i didn’t

For some reason when I finish the mission where you have to stop the transmitting signal on the roof and the helicopter come to get me the game just freezes. I’ve tried everything I’ve dumped all my items to where I have the min…is this happening to anyone else?

not the only one, i think its just to much to load so maybe not add alot of items and stuff into your inventory.

I tried dumping everything but still had trouble, so I decided to start again, hopefully I’ll be able to get past it this time, the only thing I really need is the candy jars. Hopefully it will work this time.

yeah just dont put FF in hex, just put like a small number like maybe 100 which is 64 in hex, just start with a few then if it works and you want more then add more and more tell you reached the freeze point, also make sure you make a backup of your save before u try

This is a great tut thanks for sharing!

i sat down for about an hour trying to do it but mine looks a little different from the picture, im using the same program etc, would someone be so kind as to let me send them a save and they add candy jars and ammo as well as hacking software…

thank you


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Good find, when I rent this game I’ll probably use this :smiley:

Thanks :smile: but theyres a mod tool now that finds the locations of all the items so theyre is no need for this tutorial lol