Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut

Wanted Cheats;-

God Mode
Super Armor
Unlimited Energy
Add XP
Add Praxis
Add Money
No Recoil
Unlimited Sprint
No Reload
Mega Items
Easy Access
Save/Load Position (Teleport)
Set Items to 1
Freeze Crosshair


I requested this a few days ago already Deus Ex Human Revolution Directors cut

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Wasn’t aware of that. Good job!

There should be a trainer for the new deus ex by @STiNGERR in a few minutes/hours.

I can look into this game but i think its too late ? The new game is already out and i get the feeling you guys wanted to play this one before the new deus ex.

never to late to go back, I want to go back to the first mass effect and dragon age and replay through them

The new one made me think about getting it but I wouldn’t want to do that without playing the first one.

Think you suggested the wrong one cough cough Mankind Devided

I know why your saying that but actually I didn’t.

I had a good suspicion that WeMod will release the new Deus Ex game trainer before the first game of the series. So I figured that that by the time I’m ready to play the new game, the trainer will be there waiting for me.

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So true, never to late to go back. Just picked up this one and Mankind Divided on sale. As always, so thankful WeMod has a trainer for them! I always give games a try without any mods first, I died after about the third room.

Wow people still play this last comment was 2 years ago lol

Please don’t necro 2 year old threads.

@Chris closeru please