Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Using Unlimited Energy causes my game to crash.

is this updated?

please fix, game and trainer crashes when trying to activate

So my game was working for a bit, but later it crashes and when I try to start the game it does not work at all.
EDIT= it’s working now


Sorry to disturb, but I have no Idea how to activate my Mods.
I don’t have PRO version of WEMOD, so I try AVtivate codes on pause game. CTRL and Numpad9 for Praxis, and nothing happens . Do I have to press something else? What does Toggle Means??

Again, sorry and Thanks for the excellent work

Yes you have to push or click the play button in wemod so the game sterts through wemod then when game starts you can click the F1, F2,…

Hello there! Just downloaded the trainer, love the range of options :slight_smile: got a quick question/suggestion.

Is there any way of making it possible to add only a certain number of Praxis points? Or alternatively, of using the “turn off unlimited Praxis” option to reset your Praxis total to what it was previously (or even zero)? For me personally, 99 is a lot more than I’m ever likely to need; even having a “reset to zero” option would mean players could use the trainer to bump up a few areas - hacking, say, or whatever you prefer - right at the very beginning, then reset and play the game (almost) as normal. Just a thought :slight_smile: and thanks again for your work thus far!

So i used the Wemod app to play Deus Ex MD once more and i’ve noticed that every time i use the Unlimited Stamina cheat the game CTD, same for using the Unlimited Energy cheat and then using the stealth ability.

Could you have a look at these issues? the rest of the cheats work fine, it’s just those 2 that seem to cause the game to crash to desktop

eh i have ran in to a problem with ammo and gernades not being unlimited easy craft doesnt work on upgradeing guns so cant do that ether helps

Hello, is it possible to edit the coordinates of a saved teleport location in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided using the Trainer. Are they saved somewhere?

Unlimited energy
Freeze hack timer
Unlimited praxis
Unlimited credits all is very good cheat thank you

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Infinite items seems to be broken. Selling spare parts used to make you have 99 spare parts. So say you pick up a stack of 20 spare parts, you could sell just one spare part in that stack, and it’d sky rocket up to 99 spare parts. Now it doesn’t update to 99 and just sells the item. Obviously infinite items broke if this is the case…

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Hi, it seems that infinite energy cannot be toggled off, you just need to reload to a save before activating it.
Also can you please detail what ghost mode does? Does it add the ghost EXP bonus automatically or something?
Also, thank you very much for the trainer :).

Eventually you DO run out of energy if you don’t toggle or activate augs and have an aug on for a long time.

Hey, im not sure what you mean? Ill try to explain myself better:
toggle on infinite energy, after a delay my battery is full and i can use any aug without it draining, i toggle the cheat off but my battery is still full and cannot be drained unless i reload to before i used the cheat.

You just need to keep using one of these augs, keep it on, and your energy should reset to “ENERGY LOW” levels and be fine:
leg silencers
glass shield cloaking
smart vision

The more you toggle an aug on / off with the cheat active, the longer your boicell life becomes. This is actually a failsafe so that when you’re in glass shield cloaking mode and hacking something you don’t immediately alert every guard to what you’re doing since the cloak wears off mid hack.

Hi, it doesnt work for me. Ill try to calrify what im doing: -toggle cheat on, after a delay my battery is full and it doesnt drain no matter what i do
-toggle cheat off, the battery stays full and doesnt drain at all (no matter the number of augs, i waited for about 2 minutes)

I usually have to wait 5 to 7 minutes. I had the infinite energy cheat on and I accidentally ticked off a police drone and police so I hid with the invisibility aug on the rooftop slope, a few minutes after using it I got a “LOW ENERGY” warning flash on my Hud and it kicked me outta being invisible.

I see, but that`s a lot of time lol. Given that without the cheat it would deplete in a manner of seconds.
I am unsure what is the intended experience.

Like I said, normal infinite energy cheats usually deactivate while you’re hacking a terminal or computer, so they probably made it so your boicell gets overcharged each time you activate / use an augment with the cheat switched on to counteract the boicell draining while hacking terminals and computers. It’s the easiest explanation.
The human revolution trainer when having infinite energy activated would always drain when hacking a terminal or computer, usually leading to a belltower guard knocking your daylights out with a tactical shotgun/