Device does not connect!:(

I connected my usb to my computer but nothing shows up. I made sure that horizon runs in admin mode but still the device wont show up. The device connects to my pc but does not show up in horizon. Any help plz?

Did you format the flash drive on your xbox 360 first?

Ill do it now then. i formatted it on my pc

device does not appear still

Can you move files over to the flash drive using your xbox 360?

yes i can

It also runs in offline mode. Idk why. i always run horizon in admin.

someone reply plz

You really need to format with the xbox not with your PC.

i formatted it again with my xbox 2 times still doesnt work

Time to get a new USB? Use the repair options in properties when right clicking on the device. Defragment if you have to.

it shows no problems were found. And i defraged it too.

Ah then it’s corrupt I guess. Change the USB type to FAT32 if you need more space?

how do u do tht? its 8gb

Check properties when right clicking and look at the tabs.