DewXP double XP not working?

has anyone got the double XP from the mtn dew and doritos to work? i applied to my tag and it isnt working…help!!

u have too be on mw3 while u apply it.

i did that…like 5 times…didnt work still

I was on mw3 and did it, and nothing happened same issue.

did u read the little text at the bottom of it?
or maybe it doesn’t come on yet.

Could be, but I think some people have it.

fix coming soon

What is the web address for it?
I searched it but nothing occurred.

hey bro where do i go for my code?

same thing with me and i know how to use it cause i did it for @9 hours on one of my profiles but my 2nd one it will go through after 20x of trying but it still wont show up in the game so its just stealling my codes .