Diablo 3 Horadric Cache Mod

So as the Title says this is For modding your Horadric Cache item

You will need either version of CKY diablo 3 save editor im using DIIIROS.SaveEdit_1.2.14.109

The steps you need to take are

  1. using horizon extract the full contents of your save into a folder onto your desktop

  2. open your save in CKY save editor

  3. it is much easier to put the items on your person’s inventory from my pov

  4. Select the char you want to put the Horadric Cache onto

  5. Create a new item in your inventory

  6. Under the Main tab for your item right click the drop bar next to “Gbid” and paste -1575654858

  7. Go to the properties tab of your item and change the rags to 265

  8. The Horadric Cache does not stack so you have to Duplicate the item to how ever many you want
    The duplicate button is next to the new item button, just click your Horadric Cache and hit the
    duplicate item button till you’re satisfied.