Diablo 3 Items

I’m new to the community, but if anyone has any modded intelligence gear for the XbOne version of Diablo, I’d be extremely grateful. Thank you. ^^

XBOX one is not moddable yet

Xbox one had items, and some people still do but people aren’t making them anymore because xbox has been throwing down the ban hammer. Had to get rid of my asthetic mods because i was getting banned for it. But things like pets and wings you can keep. So i would just stick to trying to find people with the wings or pets. Hope you found this a little helpful, but just so you know just be careful when using the mods if you find any.

Sorry for DP, but the way you mod the xbox one diablo, is throught the 360 you mod the 360 diablo character with items and then just cloud save the character to xbox one.