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Diablo 3: RoS [360]


Are there any working RoS mod tools out there? Or would anyone be willing to send me some modded items?

I recently just got back in to it on my console for some light screw around fun


Try At one time they had modded starter saves and if I recall correctly there was a link to a working editor. Good luck.


Found this: I also found some stuff about hex editing and needing to decrypt the save.


Hy. I want to know how to make my save visible . I mean i moved the save from the xbox 360 hdd on my usb stick and i plugged in my laptop but when i open the usb stick is empty. and if i try with the save editor it doesnt work . what can i do ?


You’ll need to use Horizon to extract your save or the file that you find in the contents tab of your save, I’m not sure as I’ve never modded Diablo 3.


this ?and then what? i am trying to use
when i try to use the d3save it gives me this error :


I believe the editor you’re trying to use is for Diablo 3, not Diablo 3: RoS.

If you open your save in Horizon you will see a tab labeled Contents, most likely you will need to extract the file you find in there. After modding your save with a compatible editor you will need to replace the file in the Contents folder with the new modded version, then use the Save, Rehash & Resign button 2 times.


Just click at the gear icon on the right of “mod”. That will open the saves content tab.


I wasn’t sure if that was still working, I’d used it when diablo 3 was fresh but wasn’t sure if it worked for RoS. Thanks though.

Is there anyone that still plays 360 with modded weapons now? If they’d be so kind as to send some my way. The Haven360 editor was a headache and a half to use back then, and from what I’ve seen with the changelog, not alot has changed.


Jappis editor is a wonderful tool and version will edit ROS. If you find a gui too much of a headache then theres no point attempting the hex edit the save. If creating modded items and weapons with the editor is too complex then if you own the original diablo 3 delete the title update and load it offline and create a new save file then put that save into jappis editor and it will let you mod your character stats to 99999 so your like a little machine and it dont matter what weapon you use. Or you can even download one of the 13 million diablo saves with modded gear in them from modio then open it in the editor and extract the entire inventory then inject and replace the inventory in your own save with that


If I were on the whitelist for vanilla D3, would I still be able to use his editor for UEE?

I downloaded ckys diiieditor, and that’s been pretty straight forward to use. But I’m still trying to learn how to build weapons from scratch. Other than that I think I’m good.


I am looking for some modded hardcore weapons or something that will stop my characterson from dying. If anyone could help out that would be awesome


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I have tried saving my Xbox 360 save to a usb but when I open the USB the only thing on there is a text document labled “name” I open it and it simply says USB storage device, how do I fix this I want to load a starter save but i cannot even do that without the folder visible


how can i get this t work on my xbox one s?


You can’t. Also don’t necro old threads
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