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Diablo 3 save mod?

I wonder if there are projects to carry out the save game editor diablo 3 …
Grateful …

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I don’t think that it is possible…!
You may try to save it…!

There are two save editors on 360Haven. In addition there is an encrypt/decrypt tool along with instructions for modding the save using hex editors. There are also a number of saves that already have items that you can use to outfit your character,including plans, gems, tomes, legendary items as well as modded wpns. . Enjoy the game.

This is what I saw on 360 haven!!

i would love a copy of that lol

are there any mods for D3 because for the life of me I cant find them

Yeah, there are mods. Just use Jappi88’s save editor to mod the items in your inventory. You can find it on 360Haven. It works well for both PS3 and X360. If you can’t find it or have difficulty using it send me a PM and I’ll try to help.

I see that there is 2 versions of Diablo 3 editing but I can only get one, which is the v1 and all that does is add cash and levels. The v2 I cant get because its telling me I’m not “whitelisted” I have no idea what that means but the v2 makes it so you can mod the items in your inventory. If you could help me out with that it would help me but if it requires donating for whitelisted I must be out of luck because I cant donate money.

actually found one but I forgot where I Downloaded the Save File, use Horizon to set the saved game under your profile and your good to go. transferred like Millions of Gems to my character, now I don’t have issues with gold and gems. makes my gaming more easier. :smile: just search it on the web, it’s around there somewhere. :smile:

can u give a download link for these items

ok I can not find a FREE link to get the download it keeps routing me to B>S stuff help!!!

There are several character saves on that have these items. Probably the easiest way for you to use them is to use Horizon to rehash/resign them to another profile (doesn’t have to be live). Then play a coop game and drop the items. Due to different versions you’ll probably find some of these “corrupted” and will not load. There are a bunch that do work however; you’ll just have to try different ones. Or you could just use the editor I mentioned above and do the same thing. (Its now entirely free). If you run into problems send me a PM and I’ll try to help.

looking for a modded save game editor for D-3 rpg and wonding if its possable to have a item editor :smiley:

Try There was one there, but don’t know if it still works.

Hi I’m new to this posts but would like to know how to use the D3 SE Beta I got the file but cant find the right usb to use to activate the mod… can someone guide me to which one to use.

i looking for a higher exp armor that goes past 3900

is safe to download program to 360 or i ready need a computer

my 360 gamertag is same as this

Yes, you will need a computer.

As of right now i can get you a Diablo 3 save mod that will give you a lvl 35 Demon Hunter with quite a few legendary items, email me at and ill send it to you.