Diablo III

Any that has modded / hacked gear on this game that wishes to dupe or trade me as I have like nothing and all I see is guys flying about the screen Killing everythin, I would like to be one of those guys haha.

Rings, amualate, and gear sets…

Would be much appreciated if you could.

My gamertag is: TM FuseTK
PM Me and I will be in touch


Anyone got any xp gem worth up to 100 billion xp per kill? I’m on now if ya wanna dupe with me

Hey guys, you still need modded gear / weapons? :wink:

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add me guys love playing and love modded gear. I have some and would like to get/make more. cant i just mod D3 on xbox one with the use of a usb and the horizon D3 editor?

xbox one isn’t modable and don’t bump old post,