Diamond.. Is It Worth It?

Hey you guys!
So I’ve recently noticed that I have a plethora of games that I have either not completed, or just want to have some fun in but majority of the good mod tools provided by Horizon are for Diamond users. I was wondering if someone with that accessibility could send me screenshots of some titles the newest updates for the tool include. I was a Diamond user back when xboxmb released the app so I know of some basic game titles that everyone mods but if you have a game list as of May, 2016 I would greatly appreciate it!

  • Thanks in advance!


Had to do a bit of looking up to find this link…not that easily accessible @Frank

should have everything you need on there. if not, let me know what games you want to know/what the tools do and I’ll screenshot them when I have time.


@Dustin Yeah, I was looking for that just the other day and gave up after about a minute lol.

That info should be much easier to find. While it’s rather simple to find once you know what to look around for, it’s probably a pain in the butt for members who are new to Discourse.

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I had to use another thread using the infinity list for reference, then just change infinity to horizon and hoped it work…

@frank @staff please make these easier to find…i wasn’t 100% sure that there was actually a horizon game list…

I think it is, but that is just my opinion

@Dustin I actually spent some time also looking for that link and I guess I was just clicking on the wrong things but thank you, that’s exactly what I needed; it was just to confirm whether or not I wanted to purchase Diamond and benefit in all those games.

I thought they had Red Dead Redemption and Dragon Age tools if I wasn’t mistaken. Any word on that?

I’ll check right now, and update this post when I’m done

Unfortunately none to both…

You can ask @frank if he’d be willing to have someone add those to horizon though… although right now I know all of the developers are very busy with infinity and trainers…

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my life time diamond was stolen don’t trust them

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It’s quite alright, I’ll probably go ahead and get Diamond anyways. If they have time and decide to add those tools later I would be grateful but they have tons of others I can utilize, as I am sure they are busy.

Thanks for keeping me updated, bro! :thumbsup: