Diamond status not showing on site or Application?

Hello, i’ve been on this site and have been using the application to mod games for years now! i’ve recently purchased diamond status an hour ago and now it’s not showing or working in the app when i try to use certain feautures; that require diamond.

Help would really be appreciated if you’re viewing my thread and have a possible answer!:smiley:

Same issue here, wont show up on site or app for me. got a conformation email for purchase but nothing has changed… Possible need to wait longer?

Hmm, possibly

I know it sounds basic but did you guys definitely purchase it on this login? If so then you’ll need to contact https://www.horizonmb.com/members/14-Cheater912 ,sometimes the diamond service goes down and he has to do it manually.

If you’ve got the confirmation email I doubt it’ll be much hassle, sorry for any delay.

We’ve been having intermittent issues the past day or so with our payment processor. We are working to resolve the issue now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I’m Having the same trouble as you guys. Purchased diamond got the conformation email try to log in to see if it says diamond, nothing has change still asking me to upgrade to diamond.

I Appreciate the help @Chris, good to know horizon has good staff/managers, thankyou.

My apologies for the long wait. There have been some connectivity issues between our servers and the ones that process our payments. I added an extra two days onto your subscriptions (the 3 of you) for the inconvenience. Please let us know if you experience any other issues!

I purchased Horizon about 2 weeks ago and its now saying I need to upgrade I know for a fact it hasn’t been a month

Your account seems to be Diamond. Is it still asking you to upgrade?

I just upgraded to diamond, and it is not working. I received an email confirmation. I am trying to access achievement unlocker, and game adder. It says I need to upgrade yes or no. I click yes, and nothing happens. I want to use diamond tool, what should I do?

Thank you

Try logging out and back in.

If that doesn’t work, click the download link in my signature and install that version. Let us know how it goes

I just bought my diamond account for the second time . yet not I put it like diamond , how much I have to wait ?

When did you purchase diamond? You should receive your diamond status within 24 hours.

Same here, just bought Diamond, got the confirmation email, logged out/in, still no change. Tried the linked download also.

Our payment processor has been giving us issues all day and we are manually having to push orders through so it is taking a little time.

Ouch! Ok, thanks for explaining. My 9-yo awaits with State of Decay loaded, controller in hand. xD

Oh I see it’s already updated, thanks!

Please check my order as i have not received myn yet

You have Diamond so you should be able to use the program.

i have the same problem! i purchased a diamond account about 8 hours ago and in the app it request i buy a diamond account too!