DICE reveals Star Wars Battlefront’s Cargo mode

[/img]Star Wars Battlefront developer DICE has today fully detailed a new multiplayer mode that launches with the game. It’s called Cargo, and it’s a 6v6 Capture the Flag affair with a major twist.

The mode follows the Capture the Flag formula, in that both teams have cargo that the other team needs to steal and bring to their base. The twist however is that teams don’t need their cargo to stay at base in order for the cargo they stole to count.

Scoring works differently too, the game will start with a 5-5 score. That number will change depending on which team is holding more cargo. At the end of the 15-minute round, the team with the highest number wins.

According to DICE, the classic Capture the Flag formula made it so the action is always happening in the middle of the map, with both teams fighting to return their stolen flags as well as secure a way for the one they’ve stolen. This results in players rarely defending bases.

“For Cargo, we want players to focus on both bases and establishing two very defined gameplay roles – the attacker and the defender,” said lead level designer Dennis Brännvall.

“If you like Smoke Grenades and Jump Packs you’ll be a great attacker in Cargo, and if you want to play defence you can equip things like the Proximity Bomb and Barrage. Defenders can also man the stationary E-Web Turrets within or close to the bases for some extra defensive firepower.”

Star Wars Battlefront is out on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One November 17. The game is getting an Ultimate Edition and a season pass.

Source: TheTechGame.com