Did anyone JTAG the new Xbox 360?

I was just wondering if the new Xbox 360 is JTAGable and if anyone did it as of yet?

EDIT: Do you think it will be possible to j-tag in the future

You can’t, it is on the newer dash which blocks the exploit.

It’s not JTAGable, it’s not even on a JTAGable dashboard and it’s a whole new motherboard.

No way possible, new mobo.

never gonna happen end of


Does anybody here no why its impossible? I didn’t think so. I don’t have a reason to believe it’s impossible, so I’m gonna guess it is possible.

as of now the current methods of jtaging make jtaging the slim IMPOSSIBLE unless we were to find out completely new method wich wont happen lol

Did you quote yourself?

Doing this mod to the new console will never happen.
Simply because Microsoft blue the E-Fuse on it witch makes it impossible to Jtag.
So short answer is no, it’s impossible unless a new method is found witch won’t happen.

They haven’t been able to JTAG newer consoles way before the Xbox 360 Slim.

I did. I wanted to keep it low profile so I didn’t get banned by Infinity BungieWardArchSoft
All you have to do is put a piece of bologna in the disc tray and press play game. Now a menu should come up that says “Bologna” press and hold the guide button for about 3 seconds then press “Up” “Up” “A”

This is your answer to your thread.

You cannot jtag the new xbox 360 slim. The dash 9199 was unexploitable meaning you could not jtag it because they blew e-fuses in the august update of 2009 (date is close I think) You can never jtag ANY console 9199 or above (including the new dash)

That should pretty much sum it up!