Did you ever wake up somewhere with no idea how you got there?

That’s what happened here.
My tag for both Steam and PSN is DrFugwuggles. I’ve been gaming since I was old enough to be a nuisance to my parents (some 30 odd years ago).
I play a bit of everything, but tend to lean towards RPGs and action games with level progression and equipment.
In terms of modding experience, I don’t have much, but I’m branching out a bit. Almost exclusively Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel.
I love to meet like-minded individuals, but please keep in mind that I work and have real life obligations that can keep me occupied for extended periods. As such, I might be slow to respond to messages, but I absolutely will answer when able. I typically don’t respond to blind friend requests on any platform, so let’s talk first!
Hoping you find peace under the oaks,


Well i’ll be fuggin damm welcome to wemod. Awsome place here for trainers and cheaters

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Welcome to the community mate :slight_smile:
Your title sound like a hangover movie

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Welcome to WeMod!

I’ve been through that at least 4 times… after the 3rd time it starts to become normal. Just wait until that time you wake up in that place you always wanted to end up.

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Adding another welcome to the pile, hope to see you around ^^

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Every morning…

all the time i hate real world

This place has a great selection for cheats but as far as ive noticed, a lot of them are outdated and need an urgent update.