Didnt find a game

why new version of infinity cant find my cracked witcher 3 game folder if older version can? any suggestions?

We’ve never supported cracked games so if Infinity found it then it was just luck. You can manually direct Infinity to the folder by clicking the “find game” button.

but older versions does, 2 days ago i had older version and its worked, today i had an update, and he dosent start or cant find anything.

As I said it was just luck if it found your game since we’ve never officially supported cracked games. Use the find game button to manually find it.

Start the game then alt tab and press play in Infinity.

But what if im using a cracked game still the same

I don’t understand your question. As I stated we don’t officially support cracked games and we can only scan for game installed through official drm(steam, gog, uplay, ect.) but we give you the option to find it on your own.

i got it thanks for the support tho