Didn't get WePoints for following WeMod's social networks

I didn’t want to start a new topic so I’ll write here despite the fact that it isn’t exact same problem.

I didn’t get points for following on Twatter (I mean Twitter!) and liking on Facebook (500 in total).


Firstly - Please do not necromance threads that are years old - that’s generally frowned upon pretty much everywhere on the internet. Making a new topic is best. I did this for you by splitting your post into its own thread. :slight_smile:

As for your report - Are you using the stable or beta version of WeMod?

Well - from my expirience it’s preferable to make a search of already existing topics (regardles of how old they are) - than to start a new topic for every single time the user have similar problem as others before him. If that’s not the case on this site however - I appologiese.

I’m using Stable version. I already tried to completely close and restart the app and when that didn’t help I even restarted entire system just to be sure. Oh and I made sure that it’s not just the “timing” issue - since I liked and followed yesterday.


Did you leave the popup open and click “I did it”? If you don’t do that then we can’t verify you actually subscribed and you won’t get receive the points.

No I didn’t - thought it gets registered automatically when the account that did those objectives is coming from the same e-mail address. Ok-so what can I do now? Unfollow/unlike and do the procedure again making sure I click “I did it” this time? Can’t you check wemods facebook/twitter and see the person that subscribed? (I used the same e-mail and the nick is either Hegenox or HegenoxMaar).


Yes, you will need to do it again. We have no way to manually mark those as done.

OK - thanks - that helped and worked just fine.


Glad to hear this has been resolved.

Enjoy the WePoints. :slight_smile: