Differences between JTAGs

Hey guys i have seen many people post saying what’s the difference between jtags and kv related questions hope this helps you.

Jtaged xboxs

Oldest model xbox, Has no HDMI
Takes both type 1 and type 2 kvs
Highest chance of rrod

Made around same time as xenon
Has HDMI, Takes type 2 kvs only
About the same chance of rrod
If not x-clamp fixed it will E79 frequently

Newer model xbox made in 2007
Takes type 2 kvs only
Lower chance of rrod then the xenon and zephyr

Newest model xbox made in 2009
Takes type 2 kvs only
Lowest chance of rrod

Key Vaults

Kvs should be 16.0 KB in total and should look like this

Kv prices are
Unshared around $85
Shared around $30

Type 2 and type 1 kvs are not to much different you can change the type in kv modder.

A good kv will say something along the lines of kv_dec.bin if it says anything else like kv_dec.bin.bat it is fake and will probably get you keylogged.

How to tell if your kv will give you christmas lights or not
follow this The Tech Game - How to tell if a kv is real or not

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I personally think that people who get jtags for hosting lobbies, are wasting their money

No, if it costs 200$ all u need to do is sell 20 invites for 10$/each and then u can start making profit

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I agree, maybe back in December it was smart but you can’t make anything now. I love just downloading arcade games for free like Serious Sam, doing CoD Jumper on CoD4 offline, playing on xLink and loads more stuff that 10th prestige hosting noobs don’t do/ :expressionless:

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