Disable all shortcuts

Hey, is it possible to add a “Disable all shortcuts” slider to the “Settings” menu of infinity?

For many of these games you just want to select whatever cheats you want when you launch the game and leave them on, having them tied to keypresses does in most cases just mean you accidentally enable or disable them. Which in many cases can end up crashing the game or corrupting savegames.

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Or maybe a lock button for each game so you can’t enable or disable mods.


That would also work. :slight_smile:

But it would be nice to be able to enable/disable them through the Infinity GUI without having to worry about shortcuts.

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+1 for this. There is a lot of overlap between game commands and the cheat commands. Being able to quickly disable keyboard shortcuts would be great.

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Good idea.Would like to see this as well as I almost always enable/disable cheats by alt tabing out. Partly because some toggle binds share key bindings with actions in the game, but mainly because I can never remember the keyboard shortcut once I’ve been playing for a few mins :smiley:

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@sean8102 well your pro just use the phone app why go through all the alt tabing n stuff ? What else would u buy pro ? Well except to support wemod ?,
YOU don’t have to remember the keyboard short cuts look at your app !

He wasn’t pro earlier so he just recently subscribed.

@sean8102 we are considering other options such as having an alternative default key selection. You can also bind cheats to a combination of keys(f1+f2, Y+K, ect.).

Just got pro a few hours after making the reply. Dose not change my opinion though, would be a good option for non pro users.

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Since you have to have Wemod open in the background(?), I would find this option useful. I use the mobile phone, but have Wemod open in the background. The cheats are always triggered this way.

Especially with Borderlands 3 this is annoying. You should have the option as “Pro” user to disable the shortcuts when using the app.

As stated earlier in the thread you can simply change the hotkeys to a combination, something you’ll never press accidentally. Such as CTRL+F9. Or use numberpad keys and turn your number-lock off.

I’m a firm believer in “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”. This is more of a personal preference than something that needs to be “fixed”. Maybe WeMod can open a poll on this in the desktop app to see what the majority say?

I don’t think it would be a big deal? One checkbox, and when that’s selected, it just doesn’t count keystrokes.