Disc tray won't open need help fast

So, I’m about to trade one of my xbox’s for a bass guitar, but I want it in better condition when I trade it. It has that problem where the tray will try to open, but you have to smack the top to make it open. Does anyone know how I can fix that really quick? I have probably less than an hour til I go to meet the person.

Usually if you keep a disc in it that prevents it from sticking, but not always. I’ve fixed quite a few in the past, you need to take apart the disc drive and clean it real good where the tray makes contact with anything, some times sticky build up occurs from it being in a smokers home etc… You can also try cleaning the rubber band and wheels that open the tray. You should also check all gears that move when you slide the tray back and forth for debris, you can also grease them, WD40 will work fine too since you’re just looking to unload it real quick.

Watch this video real quick: