[Discounts] [Bundle Change every month] Many Great bundle game for a little price

I’m surprise this website are not in the offer :slight_smile:
That’s why, I’m grateful to bring it to you and this wonderful community

They give-away keys for a very little price for some game and if you increase the amount, you can have more game (up to twelve differents every month and more in others bundles starting just for 1$)

Title like PC build simulator, darksider 3, warhammer ChaosBane, Yakuza Kiwami 2, shadow of mordor…

So, I’m thinking is the right place to present humblebundle :wink:

Have a wonderfull day, cheers everyone :+1:

And for the appetiser, there is a picture of some games disponible this month and the others before.

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Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

There have been several Humble Bundle offers shared here. See:
Topics tagged humblebundle :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing this. And do please feel free to share any other offers you find on the internet for the community here.

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Yes, sometimes they give away free games :+1:

Where I can give key from double game I have on steam ?
Because humblebundle do a round up from many game and in some occasion, I’ve double in my (almost verry soon) 1.000 game steam lol (my profile are solune902 for the one want to visit it :wink: )

Great day for the readers :grin:


A wonderfull news for this month !!!
Look at the picture, you understand in a instant :innocent: :heart:

That’s month, it’s a good catch ^^

This month, that choice are avalable :wink:
Great day :smiley:

A little update for the great game of this month

If I skip a month, i’m not posting there !

I don’t pay for the bundle skipped => I can do that without question and all the time I want => thank’s to them <3

Great day everyone =)