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Disgaea 2 PC Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Money is static in this game, i was afraid that might happen. I am using codex version so can’t update to latest version, will see if i can find an updated version somehow.


Many thanks!


Money cheat not working is a shame and the low health is annoying but workable. It doesn’t freeze at that number as it only heals you more or less. If an enemy attacks you, you still lose health and must go to the status screen (when you are able to again) to heal yourself back… though that doesn’t stop you being able to die when it’s the enemy’s turn.

Thanks for the work you’ve done so far though!


when you use the add exp it only goes up by a little but if you take an item off then put it back on your person you have the stats screen on also lvls up to the right lvl so you can add more exp to the add exp that way they can lvl up way faster. as for getting money and mana its really easy to get but what would be nice to see is some way of adding points to your stats like instead of having max hp just add one that adds points to hp to make it go up higher and so forth with the rest of the stats.


it works but it doesnt work properly still the exp bar goes upp but stats, thank you for your work though


I have a suggestion for ‘solving’ the issue with the add exp causing the exp bar to go into the other sections…
In a cheat engine table for Disgaea 1, there was a cheat for “Fast leveling” that is, when enabled it gave the character ridiculous amounts of exp instead of an expected amount. Could it be possible to put that in your trainer?
Another suggestion would be infinite movement/actions,

EDIT: I went into Cheat Engine to look at the EXP, and it looks like 1,999,999,999 exp is around level 1600, so setting the add exp cheat to give around 500k instead of 500 might be a better option if you can’t work out how to do the fast leveling cheat.


do notify us if you guys found a fix, the leveling up do work but it is buggy and stat wouldnt go up along the level


Add exp to match with the level. Its not buggy, its how the game works.


when you go to shop and activate unlimited money, and tries to buy something the game crash


Can you boost the EXP to give more than 500?? In chapter 3 there is a lvl 1000 boss that you can’t beat since you are around lvl 20… However you can beat the boss but it isn’t likely until new game+. If I use the instant lvl up cheat the stats do not increase so it isn’t very useful. Perhaps 10,000 exp or higher since the amount of exp required to get that lvl is high.


You are supposed to lose that fight the first time through.

For the cheats, I can tell you for 100% certainty that 999 mana is waaaay to low. Some things can take over 100,000 mana alone, but that is generally late game stuff. All you had to do is read a guide on the game for the PS2 version to tell you this.


I want to suggest make an add exp number option for custom use so i can type in my own number.
p.s. the same can be done for money.
The add lvl is useless ,all it gives is exp “till next level” and i still have to gain that exp.


Updated xp amount to 10k, changed input to command so you can smash it as many times as you like. Increased Mana to 999999.

Please fight a fight or do something in game to update your stats really.


I read through all the comments so far but I didn’t catch if the unlimited money mod is working or not yet, or if there was a specific way I needed to activate it to make it work (as in being in a certain screen before toggling it). Thanks in advance!

Edit: Nvm, crash to desktop when activated in store and trying to buy anything.


Yeah, i don’t have steam version so i can’t really update the trainer for new update (unless an update becomes publicly available). Except money, everything works though


Okie doke thank you :slight_smile:

Only other problem I had was with the Add Xp button. It activates once, but then I have to click end game, then start game again and use it once rinse and repeat. I’m not actually closing out the game to do this just the button in the trainer.

Edit: Add XP doesn’t work for me at all now, guess I must have broke it. Got about 7 uses out of it :disappointed_relieved:


Umm, The Add XP command isn’t working at all, could you please fix? the level up is kind of useless without it


Add XP is working fine. It’s the best method right now for leveling up with stats. Level up is What’s broken. Character levels up but not with the stats.

+1 to adding a exp number option. Because 10k is ridiculously low past level 100. 1M EXP is ridiculously low past level 200 too.


Please tell me you have plans to add a maxed bonus gauge cheat, it will help me out so much.


Please tell me you have plans to add a maxed bonus gauge cheat, it will help me out so much²