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Disgaea 2 PC Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Please add more exp the needed exp to level past 100 is insane it would do alot of us some good and a bonus gauge cheat would be awesome^_^


The unlimited money cheat isn’t working for me. Please advise.


Go to a shop to see it change


Yeah now none of them are working.


The only one I have working right now is the level up cheat, and I don’t think its giving any of the bonus related to leveling up. Everything else is either not working or only working rarely


Exactly the same issue I’m having.


Must be an update. I’ll add it to my list


Thanks. If you would keep us in the loop id be very gratefull!


I don’t need to, infinity will let you know.


Hey any update for this trainer soon? I love disgaea but in my life i dont have time for so much grinding


Any updates yet? the unlimited money does not work when im the in the shop. numbers are unchange. please fix soon. I been craving this game for so long.


Even when i do so on the status screen it still refuses to work. And I mean everything. Money, XP, and even Level Up. Please Update! Thanks.


Have you read the trainer notes?


Yes i did. money cheat still doesn’t work. Like you mention in the notes, go to buy screen then activate it nothing is changing.


the unlimited hp cheat is weird it sets all hp to 150 except for a lvl 1 and lvl 100 is this a pattern?


I believe thats what @STN wanted it to be


oh FYI if u equip an item after you use the exp add cheat u will level up to the level of your new level,


I can’t seem to get any of the cheats to work. Game loads fine, the indicator sound plays, notification that the cheats are on, say on. No effect in game. I have read all the notes. Tried several times to get them to work, but nothing.


For me the Add Exp cheat suddenly stopped working. Tried reinstalling Infinity and also the game, cleaned the registry etc. nothing worked.


is there anyway the creator stn fix the disgaea 2 mods on his to do list?