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Disgaea 2 PC Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Yes. More time and less updates on popular games


Trainer is up to date afaik.


Is there anyway to “upgrade” the unlimited HP cheat? Having a 150 hp permanently doesn’t help when every single enemy I fight does more than enough damage to one-shot me.


Just found this out (sorry for the double post) but the money cheat doesn’t work.


yes dude i found the same issue in assembly is impossible bypass the cave of orders even in high lv like 2 k cause dont add damage just lv even reborn the damage is not so high to kill them the hp is not high one hit u down




i reply from literal otaku


What ?


He is answering to this.


I used the level up cheat and now the EXP bar is massive and taking up a large portion of the screen. Help pls.


Everything works except add exp,
EXP in character status not increasing as Add exp is executed.


Okay… can someone explain this?

Why are their stats so garbage? Rozalin is one thing but it doesn’t look like Adell’s stats changed at all. I leveled them up using the level up cheat. Mostly because I didn’t want to grind all my characters back up to how they were on my PS2 version of this game.

But even though they leveled up their stats didn’t change and I even tried beating a level to see if it just took a bit for the changes to take effect. Is there something I’m missing because the level up cheat is worthless if it just changes the number in the level space and nothing else.

Oh also the add XP cheat doesn’t work.