Disgaea 7 cheats

Please please please please make cheats for disgaea 7!!!

It’s not even out yet?

No it’s not but I’m just saying

It will be the same process for any new game. Hit the Notify Me option on the WeMod app to show your interest in a trainer being made for the game. (Of course the game needed to be released first)

Then once enough users have done so, it will be added to the queue.

Now that the game has been released, will a certain amount of people have to have it before we can even request a Notification? Curious since its been out for a couple days and its not even on my No Mod list.

It’s already available for notification & following in the WeMod app.

  • Use the search box to search for specific trainers, being mindful of the spelling.
  • Click the Creators tab in the desktop software to see the current development queue.
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Thank you, did not occur to me to check there.