Dishonored 2 cheats not working

Infinity version 3 somehow got installed replacing my older version. After this, Dishonored 2 invisibility stopped working! Why did this happen?

Game has updated. I need to update the trainer. Did the cheat work for you though in v2?

Game was working super fine with v2 but v3 broke it. I tried v3 beta couple of days ago and it stopped working with the game also, so I went back to v2 and it was working again. But right now v3 is out of beta and we cannot go back to v2 and again it’s not working. Actually for me only invisibility is not working, other things are working great.

I have the same problem as Dynamole. In V2 everything worked fine, but V3 broke Invisibility. Everything else is working fine in V3. Only Invisibility is not working.