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Dishonored RHCP

Hello Everyone. I have a problem with the Dishonored game. I have Dishonored RHCP so Wemod app doesn’t see the game. Can someone fix it? or it’s long prosses? I just need same game options for Dishonored RHCP.


The trainers we have are for
Dishonored 1
Dishonored 2
Dishonored death of the outsider
Nothing for RHCP game
Not even sure what RHCP even is

It’s same game. Just dishonored RHCP means ( Russia, hungary, Checz and Poland). Just same game Dishonored 1. Same store page on steam, same achievement , everything. But Wemod can’t detect Dishonored 1 RHCP So We can’t fix the issue yea?

You will need to manually select the game’s exe.

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Guess learn something new everyday ! Haha. Like Chris said above click fix and find the exe

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It worked, Thanks both of u

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Glad you got it working! :slightly_smiling_face:

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