Disney Dreamlight Valley Cheats and Trainer for Steam

A besoin detre mis a jours merci :slightly_smiling_face:

With the update to the game, everything seems to work fine except for the unlimited items. It doesn’t even want to turn on.


Same, and I don’t know what the yellow exclamation point means.

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this is just the number 1 tha you have to update because it doesn’t work thanks a lot


Since the update I can’t multiply items in my inventory. I used to be able to split them and it would have the same amount of items. Since the update it’s not doing that anymore. Is there a way to fix this?


hello it needs an update because the object will not decrease button no longer works so I can no longer duplicate it thank you :slight_smile:


The game was updated recently and had added a lot of new quality of life mechanics. At the same time, the “items wont decrease” mod won’t activate anymore.


Will there be an update to fix this? It seemed like there was an update this morning but it didn’t change the items wont decrease issue.


Canceled my subscription until this is updated. Its really the only game i play through wemod. since this mod is broke there is no reason to suscribe anymore. Please fix.


When you install a mod, you are acknowledging that the mod could break the game or cause a ban from the game and the mod creators can’t be considered as responsible. You signed up for it. Pretty sure it’s a checkbox when you install wemod.

Also it’s up to you to make a backup of your save file before you start …ing around with mods.

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wish theres a way to get rid of quest items… accidently duplicated a bunch of them

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could storm be added somehow, so we can catch fugu for events and stuff.
Storms seem pretty hard to get every now and then :confused:

bonjours serait t il possible un multiplicateur fois 25 pour dreamlight valley pour les ressource car exemple je jette un lingo d or je le recupere et hop 25 dans mon inventaire sa serai beaucoup mieux que de avoir a recolté 25 or pour le multiplier ensuite :slight_smile:

An idea for a mod is the insta fishing, turn daylight on or off and also pick up multiplier

Is it possible to add a mod for instant befriend critters?

You can turn daylight on and off from the game settings, scroll all the way down in Graphics and you’ll find the option there.

i agree but you have to keep adjusting the bar to keep it light…which i dont mind doing but the pick up multiplier and auto fishing is a good idea

Could we get codes for Scramblecoin? Always win (x999 coins) or reputation multiplier?
Edit: Also a code to disable/enable rain, or guarantee a memory shard would be great

Is there anyway to have a cheat to help spawn specific critters since some of us only get to play at specific times and miss times they spawn or is that even possible?

Oh wow, that would be great. Some critters only show up once a week and since only one feeding per day counts, it takes weeks until they become companions. I really hope that what you suggested is possible and that it will be done in the future.