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Divinity: Original Sin 2 (Classic) Cheats and Trainer for Steam


@ptondo I do, that’s why I downloaded it lmfao


Think he was referring to Wemod as “we”.
And I’m pretty sure they don’t care about others websites


i was just posting to inform others who dont want to wait for whenever ur app will be updated to work. to be honest i prefer this sites infinity app because its easier to use for one thing.


Unlimited weight and items turn on and it looks like it’s working but actually if you go over the weight limit you “can’t get there” …)you wont be able to move and you will be stuck)

Also i cant even turn on the the stat modifier cheats except the unlimited AP, didn’t check if it’s working or not will do once i have some time again.

Still thanks for the good work fellas, I love it.


unlimited gold does not work? Or how is it supposed to work?


I just want to say I love the Infinity app and almost never have problems with it, but yeah, I can’t get the Divinity Original Sin 2 cheats to work either. I just got the game a couple days ago, and been playing Divinity Original Sin just fine. Decided to play Original Sin 2 and can’t even activate most of the cheats. The ones I did activate such as Unlimited AP didn’t seem to actually work though. I know the game’s sorta newly released and I’ll definitely be patient waiting for an update. Keep up the good work!


There was a little update or " hot fix " to allow steam and GOG gamers to cross play


Please update


needs update


update pls


None of the options work. Some sliders work but do nothing, others cant be set.


It would be really cool if you can update it~ <3


Hate to repeat the same thing as everyone else, but yes this does sorely need an update.

love your work, keep it up!


Guys, the game has gotten at least one patch every day or two. Today even two patches. It’s nearly impossible to keep up with the trainers for it until the patches slow down. Let’s just be a bit patient with it.


Thank you! Honestly you’re the first (I know of) Who actually has realized that little fact.
And you’re very right. The dev is most likely waiting until the game gets the patches slower. Happened too often that as soon as the trainer was updated a new update came out. (Happened here on release)


Did the dev actually say anything or is it just wishful thinking and supposition when you say they are waiting for patches to slow down?(before the game came out everyone was saying “the de is just waiting for release” now its for patches to stop


Cause it’s always like that.
I for one know how much the devs have to do. Including patches, requests, compatibility.
And it was said on many other threads by different devs.
And it’s logical thinking aswell. Why update if it will be updated the day after?


To make it simple: Devs would rather not waste time on fixing trainers that will get broken again within a week.


how does unlimited gold work?


It gives you unlimited gold when you press the cheat button