Division redeeming beta code issue

I redeemed my beta code and I got a “you have already redeemed your code” message. Should I be worried? I really want that hazmat set.

If you dont get access to the beta of course.
Contact support if needed.

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and the hazmat set is for pre ordering, not sure what you get from the open beta but
Closed Alpha: Weapon Skin, Closed Beta: Local sportsteam hat.

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I did pre-order. Only code I got was a pre-order beta code.

the code for hazmat will be at launch

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Can you confirm this?

it was on the Beta page but that isnt there anymore but https://www.ebgames.ca/Xbox%20One/Games/715182/tom-clancy-s-the-division-with-bonus shows it as pre order bonus

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Alright. Let’s hope ubisoft makes “day-one editions” that includes the code printed on the manual or something. Thanks of the information hawkblade!

sometimes thats all the pre order bonus is (getting a day one copy with bonus code within)

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Update: The hazmat gear code is not inside the disc cartridge.

I read that if you played the open beta or at least one of the betas… you got the hazmat suit irregardless. If you didn’t and the code isn’t there… check the receipt or contact the place you bought the game from

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I did play the open-beta, but since the hazmat gear set is listed as a pre-order bonus on multiple retailers, I doubt the open-beta has anything to do with it.

I guess I will contact the retailer, they should be able to solve it or at least explain who I should talk to.


Update: I contacted the retailer and they said that pre-order bonus should be included in the game if I played the closed-beta. I also contacted the all-mighty Derek M from ubisoft customer service and this is the conversation:

Derek M (2016-03-07 21:22:42): Thank you for contacting Ubisoft Live Support. Please give me a moment to read your question, and I’ll be with you shortly.
Derek M (2016-03-07 21:25:43): one moment
Derek M (2016-03-07 21:30:24): did you get the physical copy of the game?
Me (2016-03-07 21:30:28): yes
Derek M (2016-03-07 21:30:42): alright. the code should have come in the case for the game
Derek M (2016-03-07 21:30:53): if it did not, id contact the retailer you purchase the game with
Me (2016-03-07 21:31:23): i will take another look at it quick then
Derek M (2016-03-07 21:31:54): okay
Me (2016-03-07 21:32:59): No, I can’t find it anywhere.
Derek M (2016-03-07 21:33:28): hmm. yeah i would definitely contact the retailer then. should have been in all new copies of the game
Me (2016-03-07 21:34:10): okay then. But is there anyway you could give me a new one?
Me (2016-03-07 21:34:25): code i mean
Derek M (2016-03-07 21:34:56): no, we cannot issue codes for EMEA territories here, plus the retailer would need to be contacted since they sold you an incomplete product.
Me (2016-03-07 21:35:43): alright, thanks. I will contact them.

So yeah, this sucks.

Final update: I got an email from ubisoft containing a hazmat gear code! :grinning:

My opinions about the items: The backpack is great stat wise and looks okay. The cosmetic clothing are decent at best. And the assault-rifle has an unique paint job and stats are slightly better than the m4 you get after the first few missions.

If you have some club points you should purchase the “broker” outfit. Looks great on both male and female character.