Do I HAVE To Have Pro To Request New Cheats For A Trainer, Even If The Trainer Is Really Lacking?

WeMod added a new feature that lets you suggest cheats for already existing trainers, but you need Pro, I’m not complaining, I’m pretty sure it’s to filter out the 1000 requests they’d get each day, but what if the trainer is really lacking? For example, the WWZ: Aftermath trainer doesn’t have an XP cheat, despite XP being used for both a skill tree and weapon upgrades, it also has a Prestige feature which gives you bonuses

Is there ever a case where I shouldn’t need Pro to suggest a cheat that… should’ve been there already?

Same goes for suggestions about replacing a cheat as an alternative to what might be broken

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Those who are not Pro may use the trainer’s official forum thread to make suggestions, though that is a slower system. All speed-related benefits are Pro-only features, as one of the multiple ways of thanking and prioritising those who contribute towards WeMod’s development, upkeep, and continued existence.

That said - not all suggestions will be possible to implement into trainers.

  • The trainer developers are limited by what the game code itself allows them to create cheats for.
  • There may also be cases where cheats are not possible because their values are stored on a server rather than on the user’s machine.
  • And there may be cheats that will cause issues in the game, such as crashes or blocking progression.

All suggestions are appreciated massively as they help trainers to be improved. But at the same time, not all suggestions are technologically possible.

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