DO NOT! Mod Gears of War 3, DO NOT! [PROOF]

DO not attempt to mod level 100, or to bypass the ban. Otherwise you will get an instant suspension. You’ve been warned.


xD just got mine.

What if we use a legit GPD? And its only a suspension… its not like its a perma-ban.

God damn Epic, Why can’t they give up? >:L

Epic be butt hurt.

I got mine Gears of War Today! >.<

Wait do you get suspension if you did not try to bypass after?

this is crazy I had a feeling everyone would get messed up from this i got mine to lazy to upload it but its so stupid. Epic is a b----

wow thanks i was planning on doing this… wow

My main got banned too, which is this one and I only modded 100. (I attempted bypass on my dumby which got 2 week suspension also)

Temporary suspension? They are being surprisingly lenient.

How long is this “temporary suspension” ? 3 days?

The ban is til 10/25. (BF3 release date)
I got it too.

They Mad

15 days. Mine is until the 25th. Just in time for BF3, which i’m not getting (:

I only knew I got banned cause I’m expecting a shipping notification from apple for my iPhone 4S and I noticed this and I was like wow… How sad.

DAMN! that sucks good thing its MNF or i would have tried to bypass the ban

Temporary suspension, that’s not too bad.

Hmm, I diddnt get one, is it because I diddnt try to bypass?

So whats this for? People who were banned, or people who tried the bypass?