DO NOT PLAY Latest XGD3 Games!

For Flashed Users Only!
As far as I know, people have been getting error booting XGD3 games.

  1. MW3
  2. SR3
  3. AC4
  4. Skyrim
  5. NFS

Any XGD3 game will give you this error! “disc not supported” and flag you for failing AP 2.5.

I’m not advertising but here is Xbox360ISO with more information!

same thing happened to my MW2.


Good thing I have 6 xboxes :3

They probably didn’t burn it right… I had no problems.

Mine work fine sucks to be noobs

True story, mine stopped working too, along with Black Ops, MW2, and GoldenEye. Check out the thread over at 360iso, lots of speculation at this moment but it seems to be that the latest patch for MW3 changed the ap25 challenges. Sucks for now…

I believe the only working drives are the Lite-On iHas drives. No one knows if this will flag your Xbox 360 yet, you may just need to reflash the Xbox 360 and/or reburn your discs.

Nevermind guys they implemented some new security into xbox live without doing a dashboard update sneaky little ****ers.

Right when i wan’t to flash my drive… all this stuff come’s out :cry:
Any ETA when the c4eva guy will come up with something?

Not sure yet, but I’m not even turning my Xbox on until I know what’s going on.
c4eva will post about this soon. (I hope)

Unless it’s all the noobs burning wrong or using crap disc’s :laughing:

Lol nice topic, you beat me to it. I came to post this to find out you beat me by 2 hours not fair. But yea this is a warning to those with flash consoles. Don’t play anymore backups on your xbox360 intill official news are release.Apparently Microsoft probably managed to play a smart hand by changing the ap2.5 check without the kernal update.


It stops you from playing all XGD3 discs

Update 2011/11/16:

DAE.bin is being silently updated through Xbox Live with an additional challenge table! This happens on the current public dashboard version 2.0.13604.0 and there is no confirmation dialog or any known means to prevent it besides disconnecting your console from the internet.

If your DAE.bin has already been silently updated, AP25 backups that are patched with current AP25 replay data will fail the normal AP25 challenges outright! Note that all XGD3 games use AP25.

Use your originals if you want to play on Xbox Live.


what does XGD3 stand for? i dont have it flashed thats why.

Xbox Game Disc 3
It’s not really relevant though

I haven’t had any issues. I burn all my games with a drive flashed with the iXtreme Burner MAX firmware. Anyone with the issues care to input with if they have or not?

I just read the list on AP25 Games, not really that much lol. I have pretty much all of those games retail, the only one i’ll be missing out on is BF3 :anguished: So you think i should flash my drive? Prob won’t be till next month so maybe he’ll have a fix :smile:

Failing ap2.5 isn’t a big deal. Retail games have it happen also.

Also someone with an ihas please confirm it still fails.

I have an ihas and my games still dont work

They shouldn’t, c4eva just added the update about it and I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t just people that were turncating the games.

My bro ran MW3 on accident and got flagged and yes we use an ihas burner.

Yea i just read the c4eva page, Sounds like we could be ****ed for a we while MAYB,