Do trainer for infinite warfare singleplayer plz

thanks, i’d really appreciate it

Just to inform you.

New Game CHEAT/trainer requests can now be made under the link as listed below.

But we need to spend some WEMOD points from our Account, to make a request, and to vote for this Game:

EDIT: Kindly read below.

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Well it depends because popular new games they want to make anyways so some will be made without request

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Are you sure about this ?

But, even I think some of big popular AAA titles, may not require points from our side. Hopefully, we should get a Trainer for this game, 'cause it is going to be popular among gamers.

Though, not sure how they are taking requests now, after this new overhaul of Wemod, but popular titles may not require request points/votes, IMO. :stuck_out_tongue:

Developers can make whatever they want. Even without an request.

Therefor… Just get them on your payroll and they make whatever you desire :wink:

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So true. Everything has a price :joy:

Not ads though. You get to see them for free all the time.

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Put your points in it.

I am making a trainer btw :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: Oh btw, update infinity.

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