Do you get your investment money back plus your score after a heist?

If I host a heist, obviously I have to front the money. But when we finish, for the score, do I get my money back plus the score? Or do I have to add that into the split?

Yes and no… You get to set the % each play gets so they will get 15% and you will get 55% meaning you will get your money back plus more… OR if you are like me i had 28M so i just let everyone else take my cut but now am at 19M so am gonna start taking my cut.

To your question of “Do I get my money back plus the score?”, you technically do.


  • Say the setup cost is $50k.
  • You complete the mission and earn $100k.
  • Well, you got your original $50k with a profit of $50k.

Now, I’m sure you understood all of this prior to asking this question…the reason for being the leader is the be able to call the shots, earn more experience, and to be able to decide who earns what.

*If you’re still curious than just pay attention to your GTA$ prior to starting a setup mission or heist.

White Board After All Five Heists.