Do you host knight online?

Do you have any work on the knight online game on your agenda?

Welcome to the community.

No we don’t. And we never will.
Trainers are only for solo game modes, no matter where you get them from. Here are the reasons why, from another recent post of mine:

  1. Technical: Trainers work by injecting code onto memory addresses in your PC’s RAM that a game is running from. Multiplayer games run from a server hundreds of miles away from you, hence no memory addresses on your PC to inject into.

  2. Moral: Cheating online is immoral. Ruining the game for other people is a really, really crappy thing to do and generally makes you an evil person.

  3. Terms of Use: You’ll be permanently banned from the game. And you will not get a refund for being banned. Both of these are stated in every game’s terms of use. No company is going to tolerate you ruining the game for their other (rule-abiding) paying customers.

  4. Legal: Anyone who miraculously makes cheats work in online game modes will be sued into bankruptcy by the game company to make them disappear.

WeMod is a respectable and law-abiding business. We do not support such shady activity.