Do you still get banned?

Hey guys. I was thinking about using Horizon to edit my crown year to like 4 and maybe a few gamerscore and whatnot. I was just wondering like if its safe to do it or if you still get banned and reset for it?
Also if you do still get banned is it like a 24 hour ban, month ban, permaban?


As far as I know, you don’t get banned for modding using the Crown Editor.

For modding GamerScore, it’s a reset the first time you get caught, then a it’s Profile Ban (Perm) and for the third time you get caught is Console Ban. (Not sure about number 3)

For modding GamerScore, to get an Account Ban. It has to be done on the same Profile, and same for number 3, all on the same profile.

I doubt you’d get a perma if you were banned. For GS, they usually do a huge checking of everyone’s gamerscore every 6 months or so. You’d get reset if you were caught, but it matters how much you add at a time in terms of you getting caught or not.

You do not get console banned for account modding. Console bans are limited to account phishing, Online Hacking/Modding and others I can not think of >.<

Yea crown is pretty safe from what I’ve seen.

Keep in mind, you always face some sort of consequence when you mod anything…

Hmm… Not what I’ve read.

Really? I’ve never heard of someone being console banned from modding there account. I mean how do you continue to mod an account thats already been banned from live.

I’ve been reset twice on my account. I haven’t got banned at all.

That’s what I think, but I’ve never read anything saying different…

I got perma banned for modding my gamerscore the first time, so I wouldnt do it at all. Stopped using horizon ever sense

if it is 3 I’m never modding gamer score again I have been reset twice O_O

I got perma banned for modifying my Crown to 10, So don’t ever do that.

I’m sure 4 is okay!


They don’t check GS as much, they can’t really do anything about the crown, but for avatar modding they will ban…

They are Bi-Polar O.o

Well for the crown they can obviously check when you joined and then see if the crown is appropriate with the time you joined. So obviously they can maybe suspend you and as Abyss said, he got banned for making his crown 10.


In addition it can also depends if anyone you know files a complaint. Since that new program for xbox admins to use to manage the reports. :worried:

Speaking from experience, you can get banned for these tools.
I had a few test accounts, some silver some gold. I modded everything, gamer score, awards, avatar colour, crown and more.

I got permanently banned. From the email I received, it outlined the avatar colour as the reason for the ban, across all of the accounts.

Modding you crown to 10 should not get you banned. If reported, maybe reset. Repeat offense may be a permanent ban. As long as you
Don’t remod, you shouldn’t get perma banned.

Also, being reported get you banned fast. Don’t brag about your hack. People don’t like it and will report you.