Do you want the new Forza 4 May TopGear car pack FREE?!

Hey guys there is a glitch in the forza servers at the moment were if you download the free Chrysler from the new pack it gives you every other car from that pack FREE! and yes you can drive them all enjoy :smile:

Go in to marketplace in game and go to car packs then may pack then download the 2012 Chrysler

Only if you have the season pass.

Apparently Im hearing that the season pass doesn’t unlock this DLC.

That’s true it’s not suppose too but with the glitch it only works if you have the season pass.

your right thats so badass! the chrystler is even free

Sweet it worked! it says its -1 points Ha

2012 Chrysler 300 SRT8 -

this has been fixed now. Sucks, but oh well… Yeah with season pass the free item gave you the entire pack, but they patched it really fast…

Damn I was too late for this!!!

Thanks for the info!