Does any know how to get GTA IV DLC's for free?

The title says it all I just want to know if any can help me get the dlc Gay Tony for GTA IV I know there has to be a way.

License transfer or a profile download, other then that…I don’t know.


License transfer.
Or if you have a flashed xbox, burn the disc that has it all built in.

Damn well I will have to find someone that has it and that will trust me with it

i gave these premium links to a friend like… a few hours ago, i think they still work. If they expire I can get them again.

can you post those links again?

I think, that is no way to get gta dlc for free because it requires high cost to purchase.

those links again would be awesome i would love at least some of the dlc for gta IV maybe then id have a reason to play it again

Ya but they are 4 years old of course they dont work

Links got at least 5 years warranty.
Didnt you know?