Does anyone know how to get GIRLS as your gamer picture, XBOX live?


LYNX pack, or inject some images you have into your profile.

The second way won’t work.

ONTOPIC: Get the McDonald’s logo insteadyou can get them from GPI 2011 or GPI 2.0

Thanks, could never find the name of them, thanks, how much are they, MS points?? It takes to long to inject them to profile!

Ok, thanks. :smiley:

the lynx pack is free and the girl is keeley hazell :wink:

LYNX are usually free just use the gamer picture injector for paid ones for free.

I got a HUGE poster of this! xD

Oh right, thanks, :smiley: :smiley:

Noice :wink:

Or you can use the tool on Horizon, to inject any image or you can use modio

Thanks, has horizon got all programs in one?!

Pretty much yeah, just waiting for the program that allows HDD and USB data transfer and it’s all capable on it’s own for anything.